At least 3 ways to use the Forum

Apart from offering a certain entertainment value and passive FL learning opportunities, there are other uses for the forum:

  1. Motivator: Somebody posted about embedded lessons and this is one of the results: we now have members writing and studying in this particular way:
  1. Procrastination: If you really do not want to study, but feel guilty about it, take part in a forum discussion in the language of your choice.

If you really, really do not want to study, just take part in one of the generally fascinating threads to which many of the ‘power boys’ here contribute (and the power girls!!).

  1. Avoidance of Procrastination: Promise yourself that at each visit to LingQ you look at at least one lesson on your workdesk or, why don’t you go for it, choose a new one in the library and do something with it before you indulge your forum passion.

  2. Finding hidden talent: I just found that I could combine 3 and 4 (a circular argument?) In the thread entitled “Russian songs:-)”

the gorgeous Ress gave a link to a lesson in which he sings his own song.

Happy me!


ad Sanne T: (…) the gorgeous Ress gave a link to a lesson in which he sings his own song. (…)

He has a great voice.

I fully agree with your description of how we can use the Forum here on Lingq.

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Hey! Go the “Girl Power”! :)~

I should also add Point 4 : sheer entertainment value!

“He has a great voice”

Agreed. I always thought he makes music like that though…

Paule, and such kind of music, too :slight_smile: