At last - community!

So at last we have full-fledged community like it was advertised on the main page long ago…
I would add one thing - (instant?) messaging system (e-mails to users) :slight_smile: and maybe tags :wink:
What do you think?

Yes…it took us a while to get the Community going. So much to do in so little time. :slight_smile:

We don’t have plans for instant messaging at the moment. You are able to share your email address with everyone or just with friends depending on your privacy settings. What would you use the tags for?

Correction: You should be able to share your information just with your friends but this option is not showing at the moment. Stay tuned…

Ohh, I forgot…

This is great. Thanks so much! ^^

What about your idea of a LingQ community in blogs like at the time of The Linguist?
It was not only fun to have friends, to know them, to echange emails or messages but ALSO to motivate us to write more in the language we were learning. Knowing friend and communicate there (not only by emails) was a great interaction and motivation to learn in order to communicate more and more with these people we have met at TL. It made them closer on the discussions too. It was not only a motivation to write more but also a motivation to speak, with these people, and of course, in TL discussions where we were corrected.
It was more friendly, more interacting and most of all it was a motivation.

The statisctics you show in the community area can be a motivation I agree, although to show the progress snapshots could be an option -personnally I don’t mind but everything should be taken in consideration.

I have heard about something like Facebook and the like… I think that Facebook is a good site to know friend, know them and interact in some way with them but what about the relation with learning a language?

Instant messages…why not, but what about writing a text to share; it is a motivation to write better and learn by them as we can send them for correction if we want. We also learn in reading other texts shared by others. One good point on Vox was that not only texts can be shared, still these texts are another good one since related to our learning. I’m not completely addicted to this site but Vox had a good link with our learning at TL.
A Linguist community has been created there.

I listen to all opinions, and can change mine if I think it’s necessary but in the case of the LingQ community, it needs something more (Mind you, I understand and I know you have still a lot of work to do) Let’s wait and see what you’ll provide to us with this community in the future…

The most important thing now is to have a great site for learning languages. On that matter, you’re doing a great job! Keep going.

The blog feature is coming but was not ready to be released today. As with all features we release, the community will continue being polished and filling out for a while.

Great job on the upgrades! And on the fact that members feel comfortable contributing their opinions–that says a lot about the sense of openness that’s been fostered here.


Hi - I just wanted to say it was great to log in and see the community feature added. Thanks x