At last, an ideal school?

I found this link to an article about a school in Berlin via Twitter. The article itself appeared in The Guardian. Wish we had had such a progressive head. I might have learned English earlier.

P.S. I am aware of A.Neill’s much earlier Summerhill innovation, but this here is a school for this century.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I’ll importing it into LingQ and study it.

I’ve now read the article. I admit I have an uneasy feeling when I read that it is a evangelical school. In the text is made clear that the pupils come from different backgrounds, but I think school and religion should be clearly divided. I do not get the point, why religion is still a subject in our schools.

Also it comes to my mind that in our region is another private, evangelical school and there were some points of critic in the news some time ago: August-Hermann-Francke-Schule Gießen – Wikipedia

The defenders of the school said that the criticism of the TV program was exaggerated, but I know members of the church that is close to the school and I feel uncomfortable with both (church and school).

Regarding to the methods I think this is great for some kind of pupils, but I guess that this way of schooling is not the best for all pupils.

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We are very much used to faith schools in England and in general they provide a solid education free. I would shy away from radical schools, though!

Religion is a choice and I believe we ought not to restrict other people’s choices unless they impinge on fundamental human rights. A church school in itself cannot be bad. It is what we make of it.

Your link is not working, but I shall look for the article on Wikepedia in a second.

N.B. I am an agnostic of sorts, but one of my children attended a Catholic primary school and a Church of England grammar school. The other one refused my proposal to try to get him into the Jewish Free School in London at the time. It had an excellent reputation in those years. Nor did he want to follow his mates to the local Catholic grammar school. He went to something called a community college - 54 languages spoken by the students of that establishment. He did do well there.

As I couldn’t get Vera’s link to work, I googled and came to the following link

I see the school was somewhat exonerated. I am glad, though, the church schools I know do not fall into the same category.

I’ve just corrected the link. LingQ is doing strange things with the “ß” if you copy & paste it.

I wouldn’t condemn faith schools in general. But I would have a closer look on them :slight_smile:

P.S. Your post came just while I was writing this one.

Super cool!