Ask like children

I have a friend who has a two-yeard-old who never stops asking “what is that?”. I asked the mother if this goes on all day and yep it does. She will point at stuff all day long and have her mother say what things are called.

I am wondering if this is how children learn the language. Is she just trying to understand a word through context or just get verification she knows what a thing is called or simply does not know it. In any case she is learning.

What is to stop an adult asking the same way :slight_smile: ok I guess you may not be met with the same patience but I think it is a good way to have word verified and to make it stick.

Many times, a child is asking for the name of the object. Remember that “What is that?” is not very specific. Someone saying “What is that?” can be asking “What is that called?” or “What does that do?”
Children say “What is that” to both learn the name and the purpose of the object. “What is that?” “It is a dress, it is clothing that only girls wear.”
I have a friend who is learning English and she asks “What is that?” all the time, but I found it interesting that the people who are most happy to answer her question all day long are children! They are happy and have much more patience than an adult has. Children love to teach their native tongue and show off what they know!

may be study a language like a child is really a good method for us.we can ask myself at first.then look for the answer .yes i think it is a good method.