As weak as a cat

All humans make spelling mistakes from time to time…:wink:

I think it’s a weak simile.

I would be leery of a doctor who would write a prescription just to see if the drug might do the patient any good, and who cast such doubt on the effectiveness of the drug that he left the patient feeling that the prescription wasn’t even worth the paper it was written on.

As weak as a kitten is a pretty good simile.

I’ve never heard that expression or phrase. What language did it come from?

A cat is the last animal in the world with whom I associate weakness.
I wonder whether it is recently that adult cats have become as strong as horses.

Ahh yes, similes. That is what they are.

It means nothing other than the point the person is implying. People use all kinds of similes that maybe completely unique to the person saying it. The sayings often make no sense literally. I once knew a guy who used “boring as whalesh*t” all the time…just conveying his point.

lol, I just remembered the same guy used to say “weak as a kitten” too. :wink:

Have you ever used the expression “as right as rain”? it means “quite well.” But why “rain”?

Because the expression originated in a dry climate, where any rain is “right?”

Yes but it makes as much sense to me as: hay gato encerrado

A cat has nine lives.

I’ve only heard it as “as weak as a kitten”
“Have you recovered from your illness?”
“Yes, …but I’m still as weak as a kitten”
I would never say, “Yes, but I’m still as weak as a cat”. It doesn’t make sense.

Weak+as+ Definition & Meaning |
weak as a kitten
Feeble and fragile, as in: “After that bout with flu she was weak as a kitten.”
This simile has largely replaced “weak as a cat,” from the early 1800s.

Notice both my example and used it in connection with an illness. I’ve noticed it’s especially used (and more effective) with a big strong man:
“The lumberjack could cut down a huge tree in 15 minutes, but the flu has now made him weak as a kitten”

Hope this helps!
Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco

“I feel as weak as a cat.” I find it an odd expression, a poor metaphor.

I do not associate a cat with strength or weakness. What is most striking to me about cats is their, grace, elegance, languidness, quickness, quiteness, stealthiness, inquisitiveness, pickiness…

Perhaps in the mind of the author there is an association of languidness with weakness.

Cats never need to demonstrate physical strenth, never need to exercise physical strength

I feel as weak as a flacid thread.
I feel as week as a limp penis
I feel as weak as melting Jello
I feel as weak as an animal dying from hunger.
okay and the animal could be a cat…
I feel as weak as a cat dying from hunger.
I feel as weak as a newborn (ANY animal, when newly born is physically weak!)

I agree with you. I cannot associate “cat” with weakness, but I can associate “dying cat” or “starving cat” with weakness…but those last two phrases don’t depend on the animal being a cat.

I feel as weak as wilted lettuce.

Anyway, I’d better stop. I am filling my subconscious with some very harmful messages! I feel strong! I feel unstoppable. I feel great. :slight_smile:

Haha! :slight_smile:

Dunno, but I feel “right as rain” today, too! ^^ Very aussie.