As in the air

put up - to raise (something) to a higher position, as in the air

I looked up the definition of put up in a dictionary. And the last part of definition “as in the air”, I know there are several meanings of as, such as, when, while, because. But I I don’t understand what it means here.

Thank you!!

‘as in’ is a way to further define something. They have already mentioned ‘higher position’, and in case this is not clear, they add ‘the air’ as a further example, using ‘as in’ to connect the two.

Other examples might be:

I met Donald Trump last night, as in the President.
You might want to try eating something healthier, as in fruit and vegetables.


Another way to think of “as” here is to replace it with “for example.” “…to a higher position, for example, in the air.”


In the original example, yes, but I don’t think it always works as a replacement for as in - for example, my Trump sentence above.

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