Articles for translation?

I browsed the English library for inspiration and found a number of interesting articles/podcasts in Steve’s Tips and Steve’s Corner which could indeed be useful for learners of other languages (e.g. “7 Common Misconceptions About Language Learning”).

Since there are a few articles that have been translated into several languages (Who is She, the Manifesto and a couple of others), I thought that there might be an interest in these as well.

Any thoughts?

Sounds great, I’ll translate from Canadian to American.

Hi Jeff,

I think, this is a good idea.

In the German library there are some translated articles. Irene translated some articles in the past, as far as I know, but I don’t know which these are. Irene could say more about this.

In “Veras Corner” I will translate some of the articles in Steves blog. I asked some time ago, if I could do this. Also I translated a video from Steve, and I summarized some articles and added my own view.

I’d offer my help to translate into German, but fear it might sound a bit quaint. I haven’t lived in Germany for a long time.

I suppose we should wait for Steve’s approval before we start doing anything - oh, Vera has already got that. Great.

I’ll take the Swedish translations, of course.


You do not need my permission. All of my content is free to use however you want. In so far as putting things into the Library, anything goes as long as the speaker is native, nothing offensive of course :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve, that’s great to hear!