Are you experiencing problems with the "Known" or "I Know All" buttons?

We know that some of you are continuing to have problems with the I Know All and Known buttons. We are trying to track down these issues but we are unable to reproduce the problem ourselves. If you are having these problems, please give us more information to help us figure out what is happening. What kind of browser you are using, what exactly you are trying to do, etc… Any information that might help so we can figure out what the problem is and get if fixed. Thanks for the help!

I should say that this function was not working before and is working now. I should also report that the Import function is now working for me. I am using Firefox.

When I use the firefox(ver.3) on Windows XP, know buttons work. However I have a problem when I click the “I Know All” button. It donesn’t work. "Internal error."message is shown.

error console says
エラー: uncaught exception: [Exception… “The container of an boundary-point of a range is being set to either a node of an invalid type or a node with an ancestor of an invalid type.” code: “2” nsresult: “0x805c0002 (NS_ERROR_DOM_RANGE_INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR)” location: “file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/Application%20Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/rz80oxdv.default/extensions/%7B3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c%7D/components/bootstrap.js → file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/Application%20Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/rz80oxdv.default/extensions/%7B3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c%7D/lib/toolbar.js Line: 744”]

When I use IE7 with WinXP, I Know All button and Known buttons work well.

Hope this help.

Hi Mark!
Really I am not a computer guru. But I think I can logically conclude. My professional malformation: 40-years as a result of the annual work of various departments in the development firm. Even if I am not been present in the current “improvements” may be completed as follows.
The fact: so far I have known in the old version has not been any problems. Independently of the fitting-out of each PC are separate assemblies (library, dictionary, write, speak, timer, tone, etc…) Worked OK.
Conclusion: the current problems are generated exclusively evident where the prejudices (change) any of these closed sets. It is obviously a lot of things overlooced authors and do not “see” all the consequences that will lead to these changes. Here is the cardinal made a mistake. Where there is no prejudice in each set of change-the only links-now there is no problem. The solution to the problems: WHERE to re-examine what is changed, WHAT has changed, HOW it is done in the new version. Based on these findings, it is then determined by a solution of each problem.

Very serious problem, however, if the old status of the individual strands can not establish that more. The old rule says: never and nowhere do not close door for me. Backup option should exist (plan B), if not come to the insoluble problems.
Please, do not take my post as malicious. This is not my purpose. Criticism can also be bona fide.

Hi Mark, I’m using Firefox (v.3.0.12) with Windows XP and “I Know all” button doesn’t work. It’s like nobuo said, just appears a windows with an “Internal error” message. The individual I know button works, but then the new words are not taken into account in the summary/profile page. I’ve just tried with Google Chrome and it works fine. So it seems the problem could be something related to Firefox!!

Hello,Mark. I am using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox on Windows Vista. I have just clicked I Know All and Known buttons. It has worked well.


I’m using Firefox v.3.0.12, too, though on a Mac, and the “I know all” button just gives me “Internal Error”. The box that comes up when I pass over a blue word seems to work fine (I can change it to yellow or call it known and get rid of it), it’s just that final step that doesn’t work.


I get the same “Internal Error”, using Firefox 3.0.1 whenever I click on either of the “I know all” buttons (i.e. right or bottom of screen).

Lingq used to work just fine for me, but now:

  1. Sometimes I get the “internal error” and it locks up the page so must refresh
  2. The lingqs I add don’t get saved, they list on the right-side pane but never stick
  3. Hilighting is broken, like I want to hilight two Chinese characters that make up a word but it insists on grabbing the following word too.

An example for #3 is in lesson #35 in Mandarin, 5th line says “收集 还是” I cannot grab just the first word. I know what haishi means don’t need that plus since it insists on including no dictionary finds it.

This is a very unfortunate turn of events for a great web site with some great learning ideas, as it has become unusable. I’m using Firefox 3.5.


I can appreciate your frustration and apologize. We are working to fix these bugs,and once we are through these changes we will be addressing the needs of Asian languages so please be patient.

It is probably not a consolation to you, but as a student of European languages at LingQ (Russian and Portuguese) I am very much enjoying the changes that have made LingQ faster, easier and more enjoyable. There are still people inconvenienced even in European languages, and even more so in the Asian languages and we will make sure that everyone is happy in the end.

For a small group like LingQ is difficult not to rely on our users to help us find bugs and help us progress faster than would otherwise be the case. Evryone’s cooperation is appreciated.

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that the “I know all” button does work for me with Safari (still not with Firefox, as above).


I’m using Firebox v3 with Windows XP and my I Know All button doesn’t work at all. Everything else seems to work great, although I miss being able to grab segments of words rather than having entire words snagged automatically (just more useful in German to not have lots of different endings added on in your vocab). Thanks!

p.s: anywhere I can get an invoice form to fill in for my tutoring time?

The ‘I know all button’ in ‘new words’ can give both right and wrong results as follows:-

  1. If say there are 10 new words highlighted in blue in the text and that after reading and listening a few times, one clicks on the ‘I know all button’ then the number of words is correctly increased by 10.
  2. However if when going through the text one highlights a ‘blue’ word and decides that one now knows the word and clicks on ‘known’ this reduces the count to 9. If one does this for all the other blue words then one is left with zero. If then one clicks on ‘I know all’ one’s word count is increased by zero - i.e. it appears that one has learnt nothing.
    By the way I am using Internet Explorer.


I understand completely. I’m a software developer who works with web applications so I understand how difficult it is to create richly interactive UIs that are compliant with every type of version of every type of browser on different OSs, especially given the extremely strong cross-language support you must implement.

I’ll keep checking back, and keep up the great work and great ideas on language learning.

I’m using Internet Explorer 7 with Windows XP and the “Known” button doesn’t work, when I click on it, my Known Words doesn’t increase.

Flavio, the Known Words should increase and that is a statistics problem we are working on.

Malc, this is part of the same problem you reported. We are looking in to all the Learned LingQs and Known Words counters to see where the inconsistency lies. Some of the issues are longstanding issues that are just more obvious now.

We are still unable to figure out why the "I Know All’ button doesn’t work for some people. Jim is it still working in Safari and not in FF? Can anyone else test in multiple browsers with the same lesson to see if it’s the browser or the lesson that is causing the problem? Any other information you can give us would be much appreciated. We are unable to reproduce the problem ourselves.


Sorry, should have let you know yesterday, but Yes! I can lingQ in Firefox now. Thanks for all your efforts.


Thanks, Jim. Are there those of you still experiencing the I Know All error? On multiple browsers? Try ctrl refreshing your browser and see if that helps.

MissTake, merci pour votre liste. Si mon liste serait si court, je devrait tres heureux! :slight_smile:

…maybe if we all just prayed really hard, at the same time…

then SHAZAM!

the problem will be fixed!

I don’t really have time for that though…

Today, when I open the lesson, ALL words in lesson pages are blue with FireFox 3.013 and IE7 on WinXP. Nothing happened before. I tried refresh several times.