Are We Going To Freak Out Every Time Trump Fulfils an Election Promised?

Hey lingq lefties - if you hate democracy so much - why not give some thought to living in North Korea?

No, you didn’t “win” the popular vote.

You got less than 50% of the vote, and in any preferential voting system you would have lost by a long way.

Democracy is good.

You hate democracy? We get it already.

You hate democratically elected leaders fulfilling democratic election promises? We get it already.

please stop spamming the forums with your nonsense.

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I’m sorry but they do kind of have… freedom of speech. IMO it’s better to discuss things in a civilized manner than telling people who you disagree with to shut up. You can say what you like about the views of Yutaka and the other liberals in here but echo chambers on the other hand are boring and unhelpful.

I disagree with liberals on a lot of things but we should have no problems with them expressing their views. This forum is pretty cool because people can’t scream at each other like many of my fellow students do here at

Also, it should come as no surprise that everyone is freaking out at every Executive Order signed by the President since we Westerners haven’t seen a politician do anything in quite some time.

This being said, Long Live Kim Jon Un!

It’s very important that those of us on the centre-right hear from people that we don’t agree with.

One of the problems today with some folks on the left is that they exist in a bubble where everyone grins vacantly at each other with prozac-smiles and mutually affirms the excellence of socialism. Then they get “triggered” by horrid real life stuff - like losing the occasional election.

(Anyway, folks on the left may even have a good point sometimes - it does occasionally happen! :-D)

No, he blatantly lied to the american people about health care, guaranteeing health care for all, social security, medicare (seniors), and medicaid (low income hc).

He blatantly lied to the people about “draining the swamp” and criticizing the other republicans like ted cruz ("goldman sachs owns lying ted), by turning around and taking campaign donations from the very billionaires he hammered jeb bush for courting, by filling his cabinet with Goldman Sachs bankers, exxon mobile Ceo’s, and Republican party donors who want to privatize every aspect of our government from education to energy. Essentially, he campaigned AGAINST Washington insider quid pro quo… and handed his cabinet to the highest bidder which is now stocked with billionaires.

He is a fraud and anyone defending his picks for treasury, education, or foreign secretaries as NOT blatant QPQ is a silly person.

Shocking to see from the man who just settled a 25 million dollar fraud lawsuit for an outright scam of a university, and ran his casino’s into the ground.

Did someone state before him that there would be no cuts in social security, medicaid and medicaid that he knew about? If not, that tweet is not a lie. When did he claim health care to all and what does that even mean?

He is draining the swamp as we speak, I am sorry if you do not see it.

Oh, man.

I’m not that much into Trump but usablefiber and Yutaka panicking every day make me love him so much.

There’s something hilarious about people freaking out after watching the news.

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We did win the popular vote, Fact. (65.8 million Hillary to 62.9 million Trump).

We do like democracy

We are exercising our right to free speech to protests the policies he has enacted that in fact, the majority of americans are against. (currently has more then 50% disapproval rating).


… are you serious clark? It was a staple of his campaign.

I’m not that good at maths but those percentages equal more than 100…does that mean that you took the illegal votes into account ?

The right to protest is a great thing but when you protest every single day people get accustomed to it and it loses its value. We have some every other day here and people in general are extremely annoyed by those protests and they have become counterintuitive.

I know, it’s great fun watching 30 million people be thrown off health care, veterans losing their benefits, Trump's Federal Hiring Freeze Could Hurt Vets: Officials

It’s great watching my friends cry because they can’t go visit their parents in the middle east; Chaos and Heartbreak – Trump's Muslim Ban – The Intercept

Watching my 59 year old mother who voted for trump BECAUSE of these problems as she is struggling to get by have her benefits and retirement money get cut.

It’s great fun watching the melts? right?

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I didn’t mean percent, I meant to say million. Have edited it.

Yes I am serious. He said he had no intention of defunding social security, medicaid and medicare but he never claimed he would guarantee every american healthcare (whatever that means). He attacked Obamacare his entire campaign, obviously one would therefore expect changes or the removal of it

I talk to Trump voters everyday, my family lives out in county that went to Trump which I visit often and many, many people I talk to are regretting voting for trump. Loading...

haahahhahaha YES

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You wouldn’t say that if you could come here and talk the people who are affected by this like my friends and family. I would love for you to come and laugh in their faces right now like that. Please, come to New Jersey when you get the chance.

How do you know I wouldn’t? And I love your country but New Jersey does not figure amongst the places that I want to visit.

I don’t think you understand how grown adults crying are hilarious to me. Just put that negative energy into working harder to reach your goals whatever they might be.

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