Are there any tips on how I could improve my listening skills?

Today I was watching a tv show in french and I didn’t really understand a lot. This made me feel bad myself. I’m trying my best. But when I watched a video where Steve spoke to a polyglot in french I knew some of it. I don’t know why I can’t understand most of it even though I have studied several of months.Are there any listening tips that can improve my listening skills? Thank you. This language thing is making me feel bad about myself. My reading skills are great. My writing isn’t bad. I can chat to someone in french. But my listening skills are terrible.

It is difficult to understand TV shows. We need to work up to that level. That is why it useful to work with audio that has transcripts until we reach the level where we understand more and more without transcripts. I don’t understand why you would get down on yourself. Just keep going and you will improve. You cannot rush the brain. Feed it enough input, comprehensible input, and the brain will get better and better at understanding the language.

Thank you for your advice. My problem is, I expect to be perfect and if I don’t understand most of it then I feel bad. But I understand that I shouldn’t force myself.

No one else is perfect, what make you so special?

I’m not special and I don’t know. I just want to be really good at french, that’s all.