Are my goals in Spanish realistic?

Hey all,

I have been a longtime lurker here on the lingq forums. I like how open minded most people here seem to be about learning languages! I am a native English speaker who will be traveling to Spain in late August. I will begin a serious study of the Spanish language in about a week. If I can put in 2-3 hours of language study a day is it possible that I could be conversant in Spanish by August? I am curious to hear about what others think…Thanks for reading this!


5 months? of course. now, it depends on several factors but it is quite feasible

buena suerte con tu español

Estoy de acuerdo con 2tmp011007.

I think it is possible. Just make sure to drown yourself in Spanish as much as possible:

  • Download podcasts / news / or whatever you like
  • TV-series / movies
  • Use LingQ

And of course, write and talk.


I’m not sure what your daily schedule looks like, but if you put all your lesson audio files onto an mp3 player and listen throughout the day while doing other things, such as driving or doing house chores, you can sneak an extra hour or two into your day on top of your dedicated 2-3 hours. This would help you right along.

Also, if you’re at all like me, you will get discouraged at some point and think you’ll never make it. But if you still push foreword and never quit your good habits, before you know it you’ll be making steady progress. The key is consistency in your studies, in my humble opinion.

I’m not pretty sure the term “conversant” would fit, but I’m quite sure that if you really get into it you can at least achieve a good level in 5 months time.