Are good speakers also good translators?

Hello everyone, I personally don’t like propaganda and things like that here at Lingq, but that’s the only way I know to show off my blog! Anyway, I wouldn’t do it if it was not of your interest =D

(the title of this topic is actually the title of my first post =])

I hope you like it! (the blog is basically written in english, but I intend to write in french, spanish and then italian and german, the languages I’m studying now… besides portuguese of course! =D Anyway… I’ll probably make some mistakes hehehe just let it pass please XD)

Thank you for your attention!

And for those who don’t know, Steve’s blog “The Linguist on Language” is really nice too!

See you all!

@diegomartins - We don’t have a problem with you promoting your blog on the forum. :slight_smile: You’re a long time member and tutor. It’s a nice looking blog! What would be nice is if you could add a nice link to LingQ in your sidebar… ;-). “Learn English online” or something like that would be great! You should also make sure to add your blog url on your profile page so everyone will see your posts on the Friends page and everyone will see your blog url on your profile.

And if you post on your blog in Portuguese, why not record this and add it as content in our Portuguese library?

@mark - thank you for your suggestions! I’ve already put a link in the sidebar and changed my profile.

@steve - it is surely a great idea! I plan to post some videos too… I have a lot of things going on now, but I’ll keep it up.

Thank you both for your help!