I need more information than I can find on Lingq as to what happens when I archive lessons; can I still retrieve them later; when should I archive a lesson; why to archive lessons…

A little guidance in this would be appreciated . Thanks…

Archiving is like tidying up, some people do it, some don’t. And, yes, you can retrieve lessons later by going into “My Archives”. The button is towards the top left of your “My lessons” page. (Click the arrow next to “LEARN” at the top of this page.)

Okay, and WHEN would you suggest archiving a lesson ? I understand that some people don’t tidy up (their homes, desks, hard drives, etc. !!!) but in the ideal Kingdom of Lingqdom, when would one archive a lesson ?
And thank you again !

I occasionally archive lessons I feel I have exhausted, but which I might still want to access, evenutally.

I rarely delete lessons, because a) it is a bother and b) would mean I won’t have access to them ever again from within the Library.

I usually add a number of lesson to “my lesson” from the Import and from the library that I find interesting and that I want to study. Usually I’ve 40 to 50 lesson on the “My lesson” page. After I’ve studied them I archive them to find the lessons I’ve not studied yet easier.

Wait, you mean you would NEVER have access to those lessons, ever again, from anywhere in the entire library ? That can’t be …!?

Can I archive lessone one by one, or only clicking on the “archive old lessons” button to move all lessons not opened in three months ?

You can archive one by one from the My Lessons page: click the little gear wheel in the left hand bottom of the individual lesson’s title (and take your pick as to what you want to do with that particular lesson.

Oh ! I was wondering about that little gear…never noticed it before today; and if I click “delete”, it will still be somewhere in the library… I hope…? Just not in My Lessons… ?

As I said earlier somewhere in this thread, delete will delete it permanently for you, you won´t be able to find it again in the Library.