Archive old lessons

I don’t understand the button “archive old lessons” on my lessons category. What happen if I click on this button?

If you have lessons that you haven’t looked at for a while, they will get filed in the archive if you click this button. You can always retrieve them.

Another way of getting rid of an overfull ‘My Lessons’ page is to delete lessons. Archiving means you still have access, deleting means you lose the lesson forever. How sad!

I prefer to archive lessons that I don’t want instead of deleting them because it is quicker. I think it is good to do this regularly when you are importing a lot of junk.

Archiving lessons is a good way of keeping your My Lessons page uncluttered. This will also make your My Lessons page more responsive since it won’t have to work through as many lessons. This will have the same effect on the lesson list on the mobile apps as well so it is a good idea to regularly archive lesson or to regularly click that button to do so. You can always find your archived lessons in My Archives and open them or Unarchive them if you want.

All of you guys, I really thank you. :slight_smile:

@ mark

I have a small suggestion. It would be great if there was a quicker way to archive or delete a bunch of lessons in batch in the My Lessons page and the My Imports page. Some way of ticking a bunch of lessons and then click ‘Delete these lessons’, or ‘Archive these lessons’ would be helpful.

Mark, I have the inverse problem.
A lot of my courses are in the archive.
But if I continue my courses making new podcasts - they also get right away into the archive.
It would be better if they could stay for a month on my page of imported lessons because I sometimes improve them and also it’s interesting to me which lessons are more popular among the the learners and which ones are not so popular.

@evgueny - I’m not sure what you mean. New lessons from courses for which you have archived lessons previously are added to My Lessons and not your archives. If you add a new lesson it should be shown in My Lessons and in My Imports.

@ColinJohnstone - You may want to try the Table view on My Lessons where you can tick the lessons you want to archive so it will be much more convenient to do what you want to do.

Thanks, you guys are five steps ahead of me at all times.

I also think the new lessons of old courses must be on the page My lessons or Imported lessons, but they don’t.
At first it was only with some old courses in Russian, but now also with some courses in German and English.
Some examples:
English courses: Let"s start - the lessons added in June and July I don’t have in my imported lessons or My lessons;
Funny stories were till 31 of 3 june, but I have now 37, so last 6 I don’t have in My importd lessons
German courses: Kurze Sachtexte - the last two from August ‘der Otto Versand’ and ‘Leben ohne Arbeit’ - I can also find only in the archive, but not on the page ‘Imported lessons’
And from Russian courses- the last lessons from Первые шаги, Практическая грамматика, Начинаем говорить по-русски, День за днем, Русский с нуля I also can’t find on the page ‘Imported lessons’.
There’re only some examples of this strange instant archiving.

@evgueny40 - Are you able to reproduce this issue? What I mean is, if you try adding another lesson to one of these courses does it immediately go to the My Archives section?

It means that they don’t appair in My lessons or in Imported lessons as if I added nothing.
But they are added.
I can see it, but for that I have to click Courses, then to open this course where I added a lesson and only after that I see that they exist in the library.
But if I return to My lessons ot Imported lessons I don’t again see them.
That’s why I think that they right away go the archive lessons.

@evgueny40 - Yes, I understand that. What I would like to know is if this happens for all new lessons that you add as well. For example, if you add a new test lesson to one of the courses you mentioned above, is it automatically put in My Archives? It’s more difficult to track this for lessons that already exist, but if it is a continuous issue then it presumably should affect new uploads as well. Please give this a try and let us know if it works.

I’ve uploaded today into German library 4 lessons to the course ‘Deutsch von Anfang an’(let’s start!), but they again haven’t appeared in Imported lessons or My lessons.
I can find them in the course, but only after several steps that I described before.
And why they don’t appear in My lessons I don’t know, maybe it’s something wrong on my page of lessons?

@evgueny40 - I tried adding lessons to an already existing course and everything seemed to work fine. When I save a lesson, it appears in the Tasks dropdown at the top of the page, and it shows up as the first lesson if I go to the My Lessons page with “Recently Opened” as the sort.

Ensure that “Recently Opened” is selected as the sort on the My Lessons page and see if these lessons show up. If not, please take a screenshot of your My Lessons page and send it over to me so I can have a better look at what might be causing this.

Of course, it isn’t such a big problem.
Today and yesterday I added some more lessons to my German and English libraries.
All lessons of my new collections I can see, some new lessons of old collection as well, but not all.
I can open them from the ‘Recently opened’, but in that box I see only 3 last opened or added lessons. However, sometimes at the end of the month I add 5-10 a day, then I can’t see them.
But let us keep so because I am going in several days to Greece.
Maybe after Greece we can return to this matter.
I guess that i somewhen pressed something on my page by chance and then the system works in this way.
But OK, it isn’t deathly.

@Alex: I’ve wrote an email to the support about this problem because I’ve encountered this problem on her account too with a private course.

I wrote “Two or three days ago I’ve added new lessons. I see them in the course and on the import page. But if I click on “My lessons” in the library, they are missing. They are not in the archive as well. I’ve never had this problem before.”

It is a problem because she has to study all the lessons that are in the “My lessons”. Now she cannot find them.