Archive Lessons less then 3 months old? How to do it?


I am new to this so please bear with me… I have just uploaded a lesson from the library but don’t like or want it. How do I remove this from My Lesson’s - list?? as the only option I can see it that I can only Archive lessons 3 months old??



On the left of the My Lessons page, above is a button which says “Archive…3 months old”. Clicking that should give you the answer. If not, Support will have to help out!

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I clicked on it but all it did was Archive my lessons that were 3 months old… However, thanks for responding. I will now try another way. Andy

Hi Andy! There is an “Open” button next to each lesson. Next to this button is a triangle; click the triangle and you’ll see an option called “Delete Lesson.” If you click this link the lesson will be removed from the My Lessons page and will be returned back to the Library. Hopefully this helps!

Cheers Alex…You’ve done it again… How about my other question I emailed earlier… ie. If I select ‘Ignore this word’… will this just be ignored for THAT particular lesson and pop up again later or will it be considered known or what?? Cheers… Andy

Let’s just call it “order of operations” :wink: As mentioned in my email response, I ended up seeing the forum post first so that’s the one that I responded to initially. Anything you do with words on LingQ is system wide - that’s part of the beauty of the system. If you mark a word as known then it’s known in every lesson. If you save a LingQ in one lesson, it shows up highlighted everywhere else. Simply highlight an ignored word with your cursor if you decide you’re interested in saving it as a LingQ.