Arabic with vowels treated as entirely new words (Galatians course)

I’m assuming Arabic is still a beta language, so my message comes under the heading of “beta languages may have some problems.” Anyhow, I just started the course Login - LingQ , which is Paul’s letter to the Galatians (from the New Testament). It is fully voweled. To LingQ these fully voweled words look like brand-new, unknown words. So it told me that the first lesson had 100% new words. All the words are starting out blue.

This means that if I continue with this course LingQ will say that my known-words count has increased dramatically, because basically it will be double counting my known words.

An ugly temporary fix would be for LingQ to strip vowel markers when it imports a text. A first-order fix would be for LingQ to ignore vowel markers when figuring out whether or not this word is the same as another one.

I’m assuming neither will happen, but I post the info here for future reference and perhaps for others who start that course.

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Thanks. We’ll see what would be the best way to deal with this.

I blame the originators and propagators of that !@#% Arabic writing system.