Arabic text

Is there a way to make the Arabic text larger? I have a pretty good sized monitor but the text is super tiny.
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Hi! We don’t currently have the ability to change the font size. Instead, you can try using the Control+ or Command+ keyboard shortcut to make everything a bit bigger.

thank you

Would be a welcome addition to allow users to change the font size independently for each language. It’s really common for people who come from the Latin alphabet to think standard-size Arabic and Chinese text are too small, and the workaround, while simple, is just an unnecessary bother when using the site.

At some point we do plan on adding the ability to adjust font size, though we’re working on other refinements on the lesson page right now. :slight_smile:

One other thing real quick, does the does the app support Arabic playback? I have a galaxy tablet and really enjoy the app. When I press the audio from the show hint tab the audio plays for Spanish but not for Arabic. Thank you.

Good catch. Text-to-speech should be working for Arabic as well so we’ll take a look into this and try and figure out why it’s not working properly.

sounds good