Arabic Resources List (MSA)

MSA has very few resources so I decided to share a resource list! (I got all of these from an Arabic discord server by the way: Let's Learn Arabic)

For the core basics of Arabic learning (Lessons in Arabic)
Teaches all Arabic grammar in great detail (
Italki, great for finding teachers (Sign in - italki)
Anki, one of the best flashcard apps (
For learning the Arabic alphabet (
Really good short stories in Arabic (

Mastering Arabic 1 and 2
A Focus on Contemporary Arabic (
Easy Arabic Reader, great for beginner to intermediate level (
Colloquial Arabic of Egypt, by the same people who made Mastering Arabic

Glossika - Great if you don’t lose motivation after a week


Additional Resources - particularly for people who want books - collection of thousands of free ebooks including, children’s and young adult collection (with translations of well known English works. - audio recordings of thousands of free MSA audiobooks - including some audio versions of young adult titles in the collection

If you have a mac “books” - the bookshop in books can be searched for both texts and audiobooks. Try any common search term like “حرب” ، “قصر” , or whatever might represent a genre you’re interested in.


I found this website useful and interesting: CultureTalk on LangMedia | LangMedia