Arabic or chinese?

hi guys
which lang would you prefer if u needed to learn one of them?

Arabic. I tried both and chose Arabic.

and why? why did you choose Arabic?

I don’t know why.
Chinese had not fascinated me, while Arabic had. So, I prefered Arabic.
In fact I really like to study kanji, to find some logical (and illogical) links between kanji with the same radical. Moreover, I practiced wushu and am interested in the history of China. But Mandarin itself does not fascinates me. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll change my mind :slight_smile:

well actually i have basic information in Arabic. i can speak barely.
people told me to learn arabic for business. and i thought why not learn chinese for business.
i see it takes years to be fluent in chinese.but arabic i can sure do it easier .
but arabic is in in the lang list offered on lingq. that’ s bad …