Arabic Learning ! Arabisch Lernen!

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The main focus of this collection is the Arabic script, knowledge of the Arabic script is necessary for reading Arabic texts, so, it’s necessary if you want to learn Arabic.

In the collection, we get to know the different letters of the Arabic Alphabet and how they link together to form words, then complete sentences.
There are also a range of videos and other resources providing an introduction to the culture, most of them are from comedies or musicals, so, we hope you find them entertaining, in addition, each video will contain a demonstration of at least one of the words and examples available in the lesson.

The various lesson resources (lesson notes, translations, transliteration, … etc.) will provide a thorough and detailed explanation of the lesson (thanks to Jolanda, a German version of some of these will be available)
Please don’t try to memorize or drill any vocabulary, expressions or grammatical rules you find in this collection, they are presented for the sole purpose of helping you understand the main topic.

The collection is especially helpful for absolute beginners, however, it’s also useful for false beginners and post-beginners wishing to refresh or review the basics of Arabic.

Other collections:

Some lessons are still in the developmental stage, therefore, they are constantly revised and improved, and your feedback is welcome and appreciated, also, don’t forget to check from time to time for the latest updates (we will also post the major additions and improvements in here)

(The German explanations are only visible if your interface language is German.)

Have fun learning!

Ahmad and jolanda

Arabisch lernen!

In der Lingq. Bibliothek gibt es neue Arabischlektionen!

In dieser Kollektion geht es in erster Linie um die Arabische Schrift.

Wir lernen die verschiedenen Buchstaben kennen und wie sie miteinander verbunden werden.
Die verschiedenen Erklärungen sollen eine Hilfe sein.
Also, bitte weder Regeln noch Wörter pauken!
Die Videos stehen nur indirekt in Zusammenhang mit den Lektionen.Sie sollen uns die Kultur etwas näher bringen.

Weitere Kollektionen:

Die Lektionen sind noch in der Versuchsphase und werden darum immer wieder neu bearbeitet und zum Teil abgeändert.
(Die Erklärungen auf Deutsch sind nur sichtbar,wenn die Interface-Sprache Deutsch ist.)

Viel Freude beim Lernen!

Ahmad und jolanda

Here’s the link to the latest lesson in the library:


The latest lesson:
(د) a lesson = dars = درس