Arabic language

I just want to know who speak or study Arabic that how difficult the Arabic grammar is?
I mean I have an Arabic book for beginner but there is not difficult sentences and grammar and i understand everything.I’m curious that people say eg: German is hard at first after that easy or English is easy at first after that hard.What about the Arabic language?

I’m curious because i want to study more seriously in the future although if i want to study really this language the difficulties will not matter.

The better you get to know a language, the more intricate it becomes. I think that even natives, after natural language acquisition, will have to learn certain rules about their language once they are old enough to want to manipulate it at a high level.

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I’ve been studying Arabic on and off for a few years now. At the beginning the great difficulty was distinguishing (and pronouncing) the different sounds. Grammatical patterns were not particularly hard to get used to in my case.

The greatest difficulty was, at some point, trying to follow the explanations and the myriad of exceptions that are given to you in standard textbooks, but then I stopped trying, started to just read and listen, got myself a dictionary ordered alphabetically (not by verb roots) and it has been a blast ever since. Now I come back to grammar books and some things actually make sense, including the 150+ conjugation patterns. Indeed, I can now actually appreciate the compactness of a dictionary such as Hans Wehr’s.

Of course, now the major hurdle for me is vocabulary. There’s no way around that.



Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I think the some thing applies to the Arabic language. But as all languages, it’s much easy to learn it perfectly through hard work! That’s it, a simple equation; as far as you live inside it, with it, as much as he live inside you !

And if anyone want to to correct his Arabic writing, I would be happy to serve him as much as possible !

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