Approach to languages with different alphabet

I am back, finally and already have a new question, I m not so sure it belongs in here, but I dont know where to post it otherwise.- ok now I found the correct section but I do not find how to remove the post here, and shift it over to the correct forum, so it has to stay here I guess… sorry, it has been a long time, since I have been here. neveretheless here my question:

I am trying to learn many languages with a different alphabet or writing system, like Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew. I wanted to know what the best approach is in mastering the writing and reading here. I also have Thai - Teach yourself, and I experience a huge difficulty there, because you learn the letters throughout the course, and there are other languages like Hebrew or Korean where you first learn to scribe and then the rest, both systems I do not like, the first because you cannot write from the beginning, the latter because you soon get bored trying to replicate and write for weeks without being able to say a word in this language. How can I learn properly and with good progress and without writing lines and lines I really do not understand.