Apprender el conjugacion en español

Hola a todos,
Do you know where I could find an audio content with spanish verbs conjugaison? I don’t succeed to learn conjugaison by heart in reading then, I need to hear it to keep it in mind.

Have you tried Tutorías de Liszeth? e.g. Aprende y Pronuncia - LingQ Language Library There are at least some conjugated verbs. There is a lot of beginner material in French, like “Français niveau débutant” - maybe Berta or someone else could get some inspiration from this and translate or create lessons about verb conjugation in Spanish.

Yes that’s a good idea, I could make some if you want.

Hey !
Yes I have already tried Lizbeth tutorial. But It’s not what I am looking for. Berta, maybe could you record in Spanish conjugaison and make example , present, past y futuro ?

Sure Cecile, which verbs do you want me to start with? Do you want me to read all of the forms?

Cecile, aparte de escuchar las grabaciones de Berta, también puedes consultar qualquier conjugación en:

Después de buscar el significado de un verbo, podrás ver el botón “Conjugar” con fondo azul. Al apretar el botón podrás ver todas las conjugaciones.

Hola Berta,
The most commun verbs, like to be, to have, to speak, to take, to give, to do/to make … And yes if it is possible, It would be very useful to have every form at the 3 tenses : present, past, futur.
Do you think it is possible?

ok I’ll make some lessons these days, I’ll let you know when I upload them.

Pierre what do you mean by "one “go verb” and a list of the main “go verbs” "?

ok Pierre!