Apple iPad Stress Tests

Take a look at this video. I could not keep a straight face.
Apple iPad Stress Tests

Don’t Be Blinded By ‘Gadget Lust’

Putting an iPad through the car wash is out then, is it?

Short words are sometimes difficult to understand. Does the word “out” mean “not possible?” In my dictionary the word as an adverb has 38 meanings or descriptions. The 29th description is “not possible” and the 30th one refers to “Tide is out.” :slight_smile:

→ The tide is out.

Yes not possible.

As in,

A: Let’s go to the mall
B: I don’t have any money
A: Well I guess going to the mall is out then. What about watching a movie?
B: We have already watched all our movies at least 10 times.
A: Yeah, so I guess we have. So that’s out too.

Thank you, Commasplice.

I don’t have any products whose name start with an “i,” but I have one Mac Mini, which I am now using at my desk.