Anyone want to learn English?

I am here to help tutor people with English. I am a native speaker and prefer someone that at least knows a little English or Fluent Spanish. I am also interested in French, Korean and Spanish. I know a little Spanish but am not great at it. God Bless!

Skype ID: josh.bradley,ar

Hello, I want to learn more English, but for now only through writing. I also like Korean, I know quite phrases and words in Korean, but not write them. I know some Italian. God bless you too!

I speak something english if anyone want to speak i’m here!!:slight_smile:

Hiya, I want to learn English, daily conversation one…i can actually have a conversation with British…but my use of english is not as accurate as i use…also, im quite talkative =]

btw, im from hong kong(part of china)…and my skype name is unbelivablecheung

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Hi, I’m from Spain. I would like to improve my english skills. If sbd want speak spanish, add me.

My Spyke ID is sirde_fruts.

Hi, I’m from Georgia. I would like to improve my english skills.

i’m from mexico. I would like to improve my English as well. add me cautinho20 we can practice together

Hi, I’m from Brazil. I’d like to improve my english skills, i can help you to learn brazilian portuguese. My Skype id is sandro_cis

hi, im from hong kong, im wanna improve my english, my skype is fishchunghk

hello everyone! my name is Nicky and i’m from Indonesia :slight_smile:

I’m Dan,from Mainland China, wish to talk to you. well ,If you are interested in Mandarin, it would be merrier

Hi there, I would like to talk to someone…and together we can improve our English :))
My skype id is (( elmalah.ahmed )) waiting for English conversation

hi everybody… i’m a vietnamese… i really wana improve my speaking english,…if you wana know about vietnam,please contact with me on skype : Dau Lequang…thank !!

Hi I am looking for somebody who wants to practice english. Speaking
If somebody wants I am here

Skype: knife12329

add me thank you