Anyone using LingQ on the iPad?

I would like to hear of the experience of any of our LingQ members using the iPad.

Hi, Steve. I have an iPad. I am starting to use LingQ more on the iPad. I can do most things I want to do on LingQ on the iPad. I can study my flashcards. I can read the lessons. I just found out yesterday that I can create new LingQs. Tapping on the unknown word brings up the dialog box to mark the word as known or create a new LingQ. (I didn’t realize this before because the dialog box showed up lower on the page, outside of my viewing area.) If I use the Babylon dictionary I can copy / paste the definition as the hint. Any dictionaries that pop up a new window I can’t see. The only things I can’t seem to do is listen to any audio or download the audio through the site. This is not a huge problem for me because right now I tend to only listen to the lessons on my mp3 player. Also, I suppose I could subscribe to collections I like in iTunes, and listen to them that way. All in all, I love using this site with the iPad, it’s very convenient for me, and makes it easy for me to study.

I just have to add that using the iPad makes me more likely to do the flashcards, I think a touch screen is perfect for flash cards, it makes reviewing them take much less time.

And a correction, if I try to download the audio through the site, it just plays it, so it seems you can listen to audio through the site.

Thanks a million Angela. I now want to get one too. Are you using the G3 version or connecting via WiFi?

I do the flash cards on my iPod Touch. BTW flash cards are about to get better! Stay tuned.

I’m using WiFi. The 3G version would be great! I probably can’t justify that kind of expense, though (to my husband, that is).

Looking forward to what’s in store with the flash cards.

Me talking about my iPad in Spanish (my Spanish is horrible, I don’t mention LingQ): Tengo un iPad - YouTube

LingQing has got a lot more convenient since I bought a 10" notebook with WIFI. I often learn new vocabulary last thing at night now instead of reading a book.


I loved your video. It gave me a good idea of the size, appearance and usefulness of the iPad. Your Spanish, especially your pronunciation, is just excellent!

Thanks, Steve. You’re too kind. I’m glad you found it useful.

Aybee77/Angela, I looked at your other video (about hair) and I noticed that you have made a lot of progress since the time of your earlier video with Berta (The Tell- tale Heart) I want to put a lot in all caps, but I don’t want to upset anyone (lol). Your conversation is much smoother/more fluent and you are developping a nice accent. Good job!

I didn’t want to look at the Ipad video too much. I hope I am not developing an addiction to LingQ to the extent where I’ll have to have that tech prize as well…gulp!

Thanks, Raqui2010, that’s very nice of you. I would not have been offended with the caps, lol, I understand it’s for emphasis.

After making LingQs for a whole lesson, I have to revise my statement somewhat. Making LingQs on the iPad can be slightly inconvenient. I can’t seem to select a word or phrase to make it blue and lingq it, if it’s not already blue, I can’t make it blue in the lesson. I have to scroll way down to say if the blue word is known, or a new lingq. These are things I work around, but in a large lesson it can be tedious.

maybe this is not the best place to ask, but I’ll try :slight_smile: - any chance for lingq to start working on Android soon? I can read and play flsahcards on my Android phone, but can’t make lingqs :frowning: .

We have no immediate plans to have an Android app for LingQ. Unfortunately, all of these apps do require a significant investment. We have invested in the iPhone app in hopes that people will find it in the app store and it can be a promotional vehicle for LingQ. However, even there, there will be no ability to create LingQs on the iPhone. That is a tricky process, often involving cutting and pasting and is not something we can do on handheld devices yet.

I assume you are using LingQ through the browser on your android phone. We will try to think about how to enable LingQing through the browser on all handhelds. No promises though. :slight_smile:

It is my impression from using LingQ on my iPod touch that depending on the speed of my connection, and of the site, I can LingQ, that is create LingQ from blue highlighted words, except for the fact that I cannot copy and paste the dictionary definitions on such a small screen, and typing the meaning is also clumsy on such a small screen. I am hopeful that on a larger screen, like the iPad, this is possible.

In any case, given the small number of people who will be using these devices, it is not practical to devote a lot of energy to optimizing our site for these devices yet. The iPhone app is more for promotional purposes, and for us to learn. In due course we will have to optimize our site for a variety of hand held devices I think.

That was of course me in disguise.

Steve, maybe you might make a video when you get the Ipad. Nothing too formal, just your thought about it.

@aybee77 thanks for the hint about getting the audio to play by downloading it.

Actually I was surprised at how much works as it is on the iPad. I thought everything was flash based and wouldn’t work since there’s no flash on this device.

It would be nice to have the audio player work though because I tend to pause a lot and so it’s not so convenient to use the method above.

In any case it’s nice to be able to do some things, so I can’t complain.