Anyone knows what a ramped ceremony is?

Anyone knows what a ramped ceremony is ?

I know what a ramp ceremony is where fallen soldiers are given the last honour by their comrades. The coffins of soldiers are carried through a ramp/a row of soldiers either side. So, a ramped ceremony may have a meaning linked to my understanding.

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There is also the sense of “ramping something up”, ie making it stronger. Does that help?

To clarify SanneT’s response a bit: There is no such thing as a “ramped ceremony.” A google search turns up this thread and only three other hits. A ramp ceremony is a military funeral. There’s no obvious connection to any of the usual meanings of ‘ramp.’

@robarb - Are you yourself saying “There’s no such thing” as a ramped ceremony, or do you mean that SanneT says there’s no such thing? And…what do the amount of hits or even whether something is in a Google search or not, necessarily have to do with whether the term exists or is known to others?

In my native English, the term “ramped ceremony” is the memorial service for a fallen soldier held at the airport (that receives or sends off the deceased’s remains).

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I was making my own claim that there’s no such thing, on the evidence that hardly anyone has ever written of such a thing on the Internet- five google hits, two of which are this thread, two of which are the same quotation from an interview, and one forum post. That’s evidence that the term is not in common usage. That’s in contrast to “ramp ceremony,” which appears over 40,000 times in a search, and has the same meaning. Of course I’m assuming that any term in common usage comes up with many hits in a Google search. I apologize if in your area the term is “ramped ceremony,” but if so it’s a rare variant.

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If you say so. The internet hasn’t been around very long:)~~

Actually, there is a very obvious connection which I overlooked: this type of ceremony is held near the very ramp of the aircraft due to carry the bodies home, just as @Julz611 mentioned.


@SanneT Good point, it could be that. However, a second look at Merriam-Webster shows that another definition of “ramp” is “the extensive paved part of an airport immediately adjacent to the terminal area or hangars,” so it might refer to that rather than the sloped surface used to board and load an aircraft.

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yes this is exactly the kind of ceremony i read about in the article i got this term from…i makes most sense

the meaning ‘‘the memorial service for a fallen soldier held at the airport (that receives or sends off the deceased’s remains)’’ matches the context of the article in which the term is used. Thanks for all the replies !!

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