Anyone else checking for an update every few hours for the new languages to be added?

Really hoping Icelandic is the first one added. It’s so under represented in the language learning community.


I’m looking forward to Lithuanian!

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I would argue Icelandic is over-represented in the language learning community at least given the number of native speakers.

Though I will admit I am also “patiently” waiting for it to be added!

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I really hope it’s Vietnamese, although I feel it most likely will be Icelandic or some other language thats added first. Although I really hope Vietnamese is one of the first added and I think many others hope for it as well.


lol, every few hours? I think it’s going to take a while, but let’s hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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While any new language is fun to explore, I’m most looking forward to Georgian and Icelandic.

Yeah I’m trusting Zoran that they’re going to release before end of month. Who knows though.

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It’s super annoying. Just give us a date! I’m guessing I’m screwed regardless. Not much support in the language learning world for Urdu.


Every few hours? I just leave LingQ open, tape down the refresh button on my keyboard so it refreshes at the maximum possible rate, and tape open my eyes so I don’t miss a thing.


Yup. Punjabi will be the third language that by the time it gets put up on LingQ, I’m already conversational in it :smiley: LingQ is still very useful though. I’ll get my premium again when they add it.

For real though, I am really looking forward to Punjabi coming…sometime this year.

3 days ago they posted on another forum that they would release 2 languages in the “next few days” Just specific enough to get people to stop asking when they will finally meet their commitment to add more languages (after more than 2 years of promising to) but still vague enough that most will not realize that after two years of promising new languages they still haven’t release any. I for one am not holding my breath

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