Any way of changing the Dictionaries?

Hey guys, here on lingq I use Norwegian to do my Danish , but I usually have to edit many of the words I import myself. I was just wondering if there is be any way I can change the dictionary to go to a Danish dictionary instead of a Norwegian one, or the Danish google translate instead? If there is no way of doing it, its no bother! would just save me a lot of time if there was a way of doing it.

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ha I feel like I’m cheating slightly, since I’m the most " active" Norwegian learning member on Lingq, or the least inactive and yet I’m not studying it at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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At this time users aren’t able to add their own dictionaries, and adding a Danish dictionary to appear for all Norwegian learners would probably be confusing :wink:

You may want to keep another window open with a Danish dictionary so you can more easily search the terms.