Any portuguese learners?

Hi, I uploaded 2 small items in Portuguese, but it seems like there is no one but steve (yet?) studying portuguese at the lingQ…
If I am wrong, I would like to know some of you, portuguese students. Maybe I could make something you find more interesting. What you would like to hear about? I can

Ana,Hour enthusiasm is great. We have not yet really started to promote LingQ for other languages. We need to have our front page available in different languages before we start promoting. Meanwhile I think a Portuguese language podcast, using some of the material that you and Mairo have created plus more, would be a good move.

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Ok, Steve, I can see you are yet in a “beta” stage. I think you really need much more content before you can stimulate people to use lingQ in Portuguese. I believe that if I were a Portuguese student I would have consumed all that content in the Portuguese section in a couple of weeks and then I would be very frustrated!
I’ll keep making some experiences, so I can gradually find a “style” I feel comfortable with. I’m enjoying it anyway.
By the way, my message was cut in the middle, I don’t know why…(the “I can” was the start of a new sentence which was deleted - and I forgot!).

Ana, voc

Ana, me adiciona no skype. mairovster

It is sort of chicken and egg. We cannot aggressively recruit learners until we have enough content. Most of our learners are studying English. We now have enough content in French, Spanish Russian and German to satisfy many of our learners. Many learners just import their own content. That is what I am using for Russian right now.

We are hoping that learners will help us increase our libraries in various languages. When we have our overall site better set up, we will approach podcasters, radio stations and other sources for content as well. We have by and large met with a willingness to share content from many such people already.

This is a work in progress. Your cooperation is appreciated. Bear in mind that most of our members, those who are not using the services of tutors, are participating for free. In return we hope that some of them will help set up our content. This need not only be content that they create themselves. it can also consist of out of copyright material or other content that can be shared.

Ana, eu entendo que precisamos criar content em português, principalmente para iniciantes. Eu ainda estou pensando em como vou fazer um podcast ao estilo do LingQ English podcast. Se você tiver interesse, me adiciona tanto no skype [mairovster] quando no msn [] para conversarmos.

Mairo and Ana,

Lets work together on the Portuguese podcast. We are developing a logo and a look here to use with the different language lingq podcasts. We also want to have some guidelines, such as a beginners podcast and a regular one. We also want only native speakers and the target language used, and now work sheets. Beyond that it is up to the creativity of each podcaster. So lets talk about it, for Portuguese and for other languages.

Mairo and Steve,
I’m glad to contribute to LingQ, since I’m enjoying and learning so much with its help.
I had already thought of contacting you by skype, Mairo, so we could discuss a possible recording of a relaxed talking between us, more or less as in the linguist podcast.
Unfortunately, though, I don’t have a lot of time right now. Until the end of this year I’ll probably be very, very busy, because of the end of the semester. Also I’m studing English really hard, and I don’t intend to reduce this. Both because I’m enjoying it a lot and because I’m feeling I’m in a breakthrough moment, so I wouldn’t like to loose this.
I’ll keep doing my small experiences in Portuguese now and then, just for fun and for gaining some experience with this stuff. But I’m sure that in a near future we will be able to engage in some kind of more systematic contribution. I’ll be really glad to do this.
Anyway, I can imagine, by the stage that the site is now, that the lingq team have a lot to do right now to make the whole thing really sustainable.
Meanwhile, let’s go on exchanging some ideas.


First of all I mean NO work sheets, I wrote NOW by mistake.

Second of all, we are all busy at different times, and I know that you all have limited time available to help. So whatever you can do is greatly appreciated.

So let’s keep talking and see how we slowly make it happen. There is lots to do and we will get there gradually.

yes, that was exactly what I meant.

Hello, Steve, Mairo, Ana-Paula and other mates,

Here I am another student of Portuguese. But I can’t study as much as I want because of luck of time (in fact, luck of energy??) specially now at the end of the year. The same as Ana, mainly I study English. I liked very much the podcast of The Linguist “Gozar para aprender idiomas” because I’m fluent in Spanish so it was easy to understand what Steve said in Portuguese.
Even though I don’t have enough time to study Portuguese, I always bear Portuguese in mind. I have some occasion to speak with Portuguese people in my work, so I would like to communicate with them in Portuguese some day.


I, too, am another student of Portuguese who just found your site recently. But I’ll probably be through all the material soon, despite being limited to 5 items/month. :stuck_out_tongue:
Even so… I agree that there definitely needs to be more content, and NOT just for beginners (e NÃO “principalmente para inciantes”, como o Mairo disse). I don’t consider myself a beginner, so I would really like to see more advanced material made available, of which there is VERY little in ANY site I’ve encountered on the internet. Yet there IS quite a bit of material out there for beginners.
I am also more than willing to help in any way I can, although I admit that I’m a little unsure of what that could be. I don’t really know how to record or submit conversations, nor do I speak with any English-speaking friends on Skype. I can certainly hold up my end of a conversation, though, with someone who does know how to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I just wanted to add my opinion, and let people know that there ARE other people studying Portuguese here, and not just beginners. :wink: I enjoy what you have so far; the method seems quite good, although I’ve only succeeded in creating 3 “lingQ’s” from the material I’ve used so far. Viu? Preciso de materiais mais avançadas.
Um abraço…
Marlene :slight_smile:

Welcome at LingQ. You know that you can import any Portuguese content you want for your own study.

Meanwhile our content in different languages is growing slowly through the contributions of our members. Perhaps you know of some good sites where our learners can find good content to import. If the content is free of copyright you can even Import it and then share it with others here in the LingQ community.

There must be some content, radio stations or something that you can find. I ordered some audio books from Brazil and found e-text on the Internet. Check out the Content Forum here at LingQ.