Any Norwegian speakers?

I’m an American, born in the US and raised by native English speakers, but my background from my family is Norwegian and German. I know quite a lot of German (been speaking it for 4 years or so), but I am wanting to learn Norwegian. I been doing a lot of Lingq Norwegian courses as well as books and such and German and English kind of helps the learning experience as well. I was just wondering if anyone else out there knows Norwegian. Also if there is anyone that knows it would they mind sometime that we write to each other through it? By writing to each other I mean by speaking to each other in Norwegian and having general talks, nothing more than that. I’m NOT looking for a tutor or someone to pay though, I’m just wanting to find someone who I will be able to learn Norwegian with by just having general talks, It’d help if they knew English as well because there will be times that I won’t know how or what to say since I am a beginer.