Any musicians out there?

Are any of you on here musicians, or have you dabbled in an instrument at some point in your life? I recently came across an article that talks about the benefits of having played an instrument prior to learning a foreign language, and it seems pretty convincing to me, it is hard to gauge that sort of thing from just my experience. Anyone have a similar or different experience to share?

Here’s the link:

Hi, interesting question :slight_smile:

I saw your post yesterday, thought someone more qualified than I would have responded by now.

I play guitar, have played in a band, write songs, and on my learning horizon I see myself playing keyboards… but I am definitely not a professional musician.

I saw this on youtube - it’s great:

“How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins.” How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins - YouTube

“Playing music is the brains’s equivalent of a full body workout.” See from 1:32 onwards.

I agree with you - it is hard to gauge the exact benefits of playing an instrument with regard to learning a foreign language.

I did have one very interesting experience:

I “wrote” a song in Swahili after a couple of weeks of doing some basic language drills. I took Psalm 27 in the Swahili Bible, picked up my guitar and tried singing the words. I knew enough Swahili to be able to shiflt some of the words around, and while just strumming the guitar I “heard” the rhythm of the language and adjusted the rhythm of my playing to the rhythm of the language.

After I put it together, we (church band) presented the song to our church fellowship (in Germany!) - which had a number of African Swahili speakers at the time. A Kenyan, well-acquainted with Christian Swahili songs, just could not figure out where the song came from - until it dawned on him, someone in the band must have written it. And the Africans were in fact amazed at how African it sounded - and I learned some more Swahili just by playing and singing…

You might also find Susanna Zaraysky of interest - see her website:

She has quite a lot to say about language and music: Susanna Zaraysky, Travel Stories, Learning A Foreign Language

She is also on youtube: Female polyglot explains how to learn languages

Music needs a lot of work and attention. As well as languages do. A person who could spend hours playing the same patterns can learn another pieces of patterns which does not contain notes but words.