Any demand for Swedish content?


I’m a Swedish native (or bilingual really: Swedish/Finnish). I have a bit of a mixed accent, since I live in Norrland right at the Finnish border. Or, technically, I live in Finland right now.

But I could easily create interesting content in Swedish if there’s demand, but the Swedish forums seem a bit dead, so I thought I’d ask here and see if there’s anyone interested.

I know a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • How to create an online business
  • How to eat healthier/become fit
  • How to learn languages

And so on. I’m also a writer, but I write mainly in English. However, my writing style is very simple and direct, which is perfect for language learning.

I’ll leave it at that.

Let me know if you’re interested.

I think those topics would be good. But, I’ve got an idea for you. Find lessons in other languages which you either know or which have a translations and then translate them to Swedish (Finnish while you’re at it wouldn’t hurt).

I know that I’m keen on reading about other things in the languages I’m studying. Chinese culture in French? Cool! Mexican politics in Swedish? Also very nice!

(Not learning Swedish yet but I am definitely going to learn in within the next few years. Hopefully my suggestion holds some weigh on its own though.)

Are you saying create brand new lessons out of lessons that already exist (in other languages) or create translations for certain lessons in certain languages in Swedish (for example, the translations you get when you go through Who is She in English to the side).

I’m still new to LingQ when it comes to creating stuff :wink:

As an option to creating your own new lessons (which I still recommend), find other interesting collections which you can simply translate into Swedish.

Understood. That’s a great idea.

I see that “Who is She” doesn’t even exist in Finnish, so that might be something I could do.

That’s a start!

Good luck with it all Henrij.

This is a marvelous offer. Thank you! Like Imyirtseshem I will not be studying Swedish soon, but I hope to try to learn it in a few years. Discussion of life in Sweden (now or in the past), of the character of various regions of the country, of Swedish history and of famous figures from Swedish history would be fascinating.

@henrij - All your suggested topics would be great and would be of interest. lmyirt’s suggestion of translating existing collections is also a good one as are Ernie’s suggestions. Having Who is She in Finnish would be outstanding. Really, it’s up to you. Keeping in mind that the number of Finnish and Swedish learners is going to be lower than for the more popular languages. However, once your lessons are up, they are up forever and over time will get used a lot. Basically, whatever you can do will be much appreciated by the community!

Good stuff!

I think I’ll start off creating some beginner lessons, as those are the easiest for me to create.

But we’ll see where it leads and how things go.

Hello henrij, yes I am very interested in ANY swedish content. It would be great if some new lessons could be added.
Thank you so much.

although I do plan on learning Swedish in the future, I definitely want to resume actively studying Finnish soon, so any new content in Finnish would make me happy.
Tack / Kiitos

Hi Henri!
Great! All new content is appreciated! These topics you suggested are great, and I would enjoy them.

  • How to create an online business
  • How to eat healthier/become fit
    Personally, practical business related topics would interest me. About health, you could discuss snus for example - which brings the relevance back to the region.
    Also even reading aloud existing current factual material about language politics in Finland (pakkoruotsi) etc might be interesting for the crowd here. Your own opinions on the situation would be even better.
    An article or interview with someone from Åland about its political status would be interesting and probably news to many people (self government, tax free zone etc)
    If you use or know about Meänkieli, some discussion about that would be interesting.
    In return I could read aloud some of your existing content if you are willing to share it here. e.g. “33 lessons” is a great post. Posts like that are written like a native writer.

Great ideas here. It seems I’d have plenty to work with. The good news is that I’d have no trouble creating both Finnish and Swedish lessons.

Unfortunately for those that are interested in history and politics, I have zero interest in those topics, although I could probably translate something, but it would be low on my list :slight_smile:

Keep the ideas and feedback coming. It’s much appreciated!

Silviad, just wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your Dutch version of Who is she. Thanks for putting it out there!

Henrij, content in Swedish would be excellent, and I would even be willing to pay for it. The topics you have suggested would be perfect for many of us, judging by the responses.

Are you planning to make them spontaneous, or read from a text? I personally find spontaneous recordings to be more natural, and therefore much, much more interesting and enjoyable. The replay value also tends to be a lot higher.

I’d be interested as well. I’ve barely started Swedish, but I like it very much and am eager to learn more! I also agree with some of the comments suggesting the content being spontaneous; spontaneous content has helped me a lot in the past with French.

Personally I don’t have a preference for spontaneous content. Some people have nothing to say and they end up saying ‘um’ and ‘ah’ more than I would with a language. The topic they talk about could be just dead boring for me.

So, as a rule, I don’t think it’s better in any way. Now, if there’s someone who knows their stuff and talks about something I’m interested in - I’m all for it. Simply being spontaneous is not a deciding factor, in my opinion.

I’ll see if I can’t do both spontaneous and non-spontaneous content, both as natural as possible.

You could always try to make the written content “spontaneous” or “natural”. When I translated some of the LingQ lessons I tried not to use expressions I would never use myself.