Another transcription experiment (English)

An LingQ English learner asked me to transcribe this video for him. I already did part of it, and I wonder if this would be another good chance to do the crowd-sourcing transcription experiment again.

It is only a 6 minute video, and I already did 1/3 of it.

The rate of learning: how efficiency of acquiring a language evolves with time

Transcription Spreadsheet:

I have not requested permission from the author of the video, so I won’t be importing it to LingQ as a lesson.

I’m sure Luca would have no problem with his video being uploaded to LingQ :slight_smile:

Alex, I am not sure how to play this fairly.

In the case that the author of the content is not a LingQ member or he is simply not interested in the points, Who should import this to LingQ and get the points? Would it be fair to have LingQ owns the lesson, so nobody will complain?

That’s not really for LingQ to decide, since we would likely have no role in the transcription, uploading or the request for permission.

Personally I think the points shouldn’t be an issue if someone is willing to donate their time to help someone else transcribe a useful video/podcast. As long as the intention is that it will be uploaded to LingQ, then there shouldn’t be any problems. Additionally, as long as everyone gives some of their time to the process (e.g members help each other transcribe different lessons) then there shouldn’t be issues with this.

Of course, if the transcribers want to “donate” the transcript to LingQ then we will likely have no problems uploading it, but it’s not up to us to decide who it belongs to.

Ok, experiment failed. No one participated. So I transcribed the whole video myself.

I have also obtained permission from Luca. English learners, here is the lesson:

Thank you Edwin, and thanks for your continued enthusiastic participation at our forum. I am also impressed with your skills in Romance languages. We also hope that we are not too far away from opening up to new languages including Cantonese. If you post a discussion time I will sign up.

Thanks, Steve. I appreciate for your appreciation.

One question for you. Remember, you talk about the “up-side-down hockey stick”? Luca is saying in this video that the curve will again go up when you reach the advanced phase. Do you agree?