Another step on your path to truly enjoy the language?

Here is something for lovers and for ‘haters’ of poetry: “How I learned to stop worrying and love poetry” by Laura Dockrill. Well worth a read.


A very nice read. So, applied to language learning…my take on it would be:

Stop trying to be perfect. Chill, and enjoy the beauty of the language. Rekindle love with the language and its people. Don’t try to sound like a ‘native’, but rather, aim to understand others, express what I want to say, and be understood. Don’t try to fit someone else’s mould or timetable. Be patient. Be optimistic. Don’t be scared to make mistakes. Do what I can with what I have/who I am. Be myself. Be unconventional. Reach for my own ideas of excellence.


So much wisdom in one comment :slight_smile: You’re feeling very great this sunday !

BTW, i couldn’t agree with you more!

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Somehow I shall have to fit your comment onto a sticky note. It is a moveable feast!

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Wise words.

Navio negreiro!

What about it?