Another site of Spanish music with Lyrics to share

Thanks Ruth(Sorry but I am not sure if I am writing your name correctly).
I went to the site you gave me few weeks ago and I have downloaded a beautiful song of Alejandra Guzman called Hasta el final. I have imported the Spanish lyrics in my Workdesk. I have just finished to saved the words which I did not know the meaning of, and now I feel really happy; I can practice singing this song (my motivation and my interest) knowing also the signification of the content which is beautiful. What a nice way to learn and to practice Spanish! Johanne

Hi Joanne, I’m glad you like the site. You’re right, listening to songs and learning their lyrics is a great way to practice a language. I do the same with English songs. Let’s see if we can find eachother on Skype one day, and practice both our Spanish and English… Bye, Truus (that’s the way to write my name :))

Ufffff, now I see that I’ve also written wrong your name Johanne, I left out one letter. I’m soryyyyyy!