Another of those little BBC reports

Here is a report with a difference: indie music and business sense (or creativity) in a good mix:

Schallplatten sind wie Dampflokomotive: sie werden nie komplett aus der Welt verschwinden, auch wenn es sich dabei um Technik aus dem 19. Jahrhundert handelt! :-p

Schallplatten und Schallplattenspieler:

Das Comeback der Schallplatte!!!

I remember playing Schallplatten on my friend’s portable Plattenspieler in the late fifties. It had rounded edges, gold trimming and a carrying strap. It was shaped a bit like a HUGE portable CD player - the wonders of technology! We all said it was totally ‘knorke’. And I still like Dampflokomotiven.

Edited for completion’s sake.

I remember an infamous TV sports interview where Matthew Le Tissier said that he liked girls who “go like a train”…! I"m not sure whether he was thinking specifically about the romance of steam, however? :slight_smile:

(I wonder whether the other guys on here are young enough - and British enough - to know who Mathew Le Tissier was??)

@frappe - “young enough”??!!! The guy’s 7 years younger than me! Haha!
Never heard of him though, since I’m not British.

@Sanne - ah, vinyl…I still own 3 records. (One is from my grade 7 choir festival - 1974 - yeh. I sang stuff like “Morning has broken”!). My husband owns dozens of vinyl - mostly crappy ones from the 70s & 80s.

Check out the youtube clips - yes, he really was that good! :slight_smile:

(I was living briefly in Southampton In the mid 1990s at the time when he was scoring for fun in every game! )

@force_de_frappe: You are referring to the girls’ loud whistling while they were watching the semi-god MLT, aren’t you? (Better don’t answer that.)

@Julz611 Hold on to your vinyls! As @2Maria was saying, they are making a come-back. Our charity shops are brimful with some really good recordings, perhaps you could steer your husband into the direction of your local Oxfam to broaden his taste?

@SanneT: “…You are referring to the girls’ loud whistling while they were watching the semi-god MLT, aren’t you?..”

I think Matty was probably thinking more of the loud banshee shriek of a steam whistle as an express train plunges into a narrow tunnel. :slight_smile:

(Hmm…you’re right…I shouldn’t really have said that…it’s getting very close to the line…)

EDIT: or should that be close to the tracks? :smiley:

@Sanne - he’s too lazy to donate to charity…


(It looks like he does have some involvement with charity work…in fairness…)

@force - I was talking about my husband:) He is a cunning linguist, by the way:)~
Choo, choo!


Ah, I see (I thought you were having a bash at our hero!)

As for your better half being a “cunning linguist”…well…I…ehrm…too much information! :stuck_out_tongue:

@force - at 3 am, the choo choo part was extremely funny, in light of what you were talking about earlier:)~ Now, in the cold light of day it’s a different story! The reason why we’re up so late is because hubby’s on long service leave and it’s school holidays - routines - and my brain cells - are out the window!

Actually, the sight of Benny in his cunning linguist t-shirt is too much information! Haha!

No worries, Julz - I get that a lot too: I post something late at night (or when I am otherwise “tired”) and then in the cold sober light of the following day…eek! :-P=