Another interesting web link for speakers and learners of English

This is the link to an interesting short quiz about the wording of English that is used in different dialects.

I came up as being from England with the dialect as English. I did cheat a little. One question asked me if I thought of ‘I shall be late’ as correct English. I do think it is perfectly correct, but I would not often use it myself.

Anyway, why not see if they can pick your variety of English!

They gave me three guesses for my ‘dialect’.

  1. Scottish (I am Scottish, though I have lived just under half of my life in Scotland)
  2. Australian (I live in Vienna, so pretty good)
  3. South African (nope)

Well, two out of three is not bad.

  1. American (Standard) - Correct!
  2. US Black Vernacular / Ebonics - I’m cooler than I thought.
  3. Singaporean - That’s also cool… I guess?


"Our top three guesses for your English dialect:

  1. Singaporean

  2. South African

  3. Australian
    Our top three guesses for your native (first) language:

  4. Chinese

  5. English

  6. Arabic"

  1. Canadian - I’m almost 1000 miles from Canada…so that’s strange.
  2. American (Standard) - Correct, though I would have liked to see a more specific answer, like California or even northern California (You could almost just ask a single question to differentiate northern and southern: When talking about Interstate 5 do you say “take the 5” or “take 5”?)
  3. Australia - No, but I don’t know what answer would be closer.


Ah, that would be Vienna, Australia, would it?

For me it was: A1 English, A2 Scottish, A3 Welsh (live in the UK, but have been to Scotland and to Wales:))

Although I did give them German as my mother tongue I ended up with their top three guessesfor my native language as:

B1 English, B2 Finnish (!) and B3 (Hungarian!!)

Yep, I live in Wien, Österliareich.

a very interesting and amusing quiz.


  1. US Black Vernacular / Ebonics
  2. Scottish
  3. English (England)

I am Belgian. I didn’t know my English was that bad!

That test might not be 100% accurate…^^


That does not AT ALL mean that your English is bad. Check out the late Maya Angelou: - YouTube