Another great listening resource

https://www. Español con Juan - YouTube

Again I don’t seem to be able to post it as a link . In any case, it’s Español con Juan on Youtube


Thanks for the resource.

(The problem is just the extra space you have in the URL. If you remove it, it should work.)

Nop, I copied your link from above and it still does’t work

The YouTube channel, Español con Juan, is brilliant. Most of his videos are explanations of expressions or grammar points via a story in which he himself is the actor. The stories are often hysterically funny and with surprise twists (which helps fix the grammar into one’s brain). In addition, he is a very accomplished actor, often pokes fun of himself and uses the new expressions in everyday situations and multiple times. Learning is effortless and fun. Everything is presented in a context which for me has always been the best way to learn. I highly recommend his channel even if you think you already know the grammar points because they provide entertaining listening opportunities. BTW, Juan Fernandez (the teacher) has written stories which are available on Amazon. I rate his videos as five stars.