Annoying problem with Lingq on iOS :(

This happens to me every now and then; once I’m done creating lingqs for a lesson and and move all my unknown words to known, it automatically updates my times read counter to 1. However, after listening to the same listen, it updates the times listened counter to 1 but the times read counter drops to 0. The app won’t let me increase the counter for either one past 1 and the other one will always be 0. Does this happen to anyone else? If so, how did you resolve it?

Thanks in advance!

@CannIK84 - I’ve done some testing in the app but can’t seem to reproduce this one. Do you have exact steps that you can take to reproduce it? Is there a delay between moving all new words to known and listening to the lesson?

I’m not sure what the exact steps are but I have a few hypotheses: if I’m on the app for more than an hour it and if it shuts off after idle use it occurs. I will do some more experimenting and get back to you once I find out what the exact cause is.

And no, there does not seem to be a delay when I move all new words to known and listening to the lesson.

@CannIK84 - OK, sounds good. Please keep us in the loop on this one. We’ll continue to keep an eye out on our end to see what we can find.