Annoying little problem with imported lessons

I’m having a problem with imported lessons. Problem is:

The last word of a sentence ( where there is a ponctuation) the word isnt recognized by lingq. Its un-highlighted.
And its Not because I know the word already. =p. Even if i try to highlight it blue it wont let me. Just doesn’t do anything.
If i go in and Edit the lesson and put a space between the “.” and the last word it recognizes it.
Its annoying to have to go through a long lesson and make sure theres a space between punctuations.

It only started doing this recently. Since this year i believe. I don’t think this problem happens for every lesson but its been happening to most lessons I’ve uploaded recently.

Is this a known issue?

Actually i should clarify, I guess its not ONLY at the end of the lesson, Its everywhere that has somekind of punctuation.

Yes, this is a known issue. We hope to get it fixed soon, so stay tuned for any updates.

Any progress on this? I came to this forum today because of this exact bug! I can’t highlight my verbs (the last word in korean sentences)!

Hi Arsenius,

It’s taking a bit longer than we anticipated, but it’s definitely on our list. As a fellow Korean learner I know it can be annoying, but we appreciate your patience!

Pleased to announce, after some time, that this issue has now been fixed. Let us know if you experience any further issues! Also, remember to clear your cache so that the newest version of the site is displayed.