Annoying interface arrangement: "I know this word" button

Have you guys ever considered putting the row of action buttons (“Ignore this word”, “I know this word”, etc.) at the TOP of the pane, above the suggested definitions, instead of below them? It would make your interface more usable.

The reason is that when I’m zapping known words one by one, I want to keep my mouse on the “I know this word” button. Then I can keep my eyes checking the text, and just keep clicking that button as I move through the text, without needing to look at the button. In fact, I can’t do this because the number of suggested translations can change, which changes the location of the button. It moves up and down depending how many translations come up in the list. So for every word I have to check my mouse is still clicking “I know this word” and not a definition. It’s pretty tedious.

I see what you mean, and I think you might be right: having the buttons at the top would mean they’re always in the same place, so you can click through a text much more quickly.

However, have you considered using the keyboard shortcuts? You can just hit “k” and it marks the word as known and jumps to the next word. Pretty quick.

I don’t use the mouse much for going through texts. Enter for words where I like the Hint or dictionary definition, X for non-words, K for known words which I rarely use, since I can just “move all words to known at the bottom”, and the Arrrow Keys from time to time.

The mouse comes into play when I have to search a dictionary, i.e. the User Hint or google translate is not appropriate.