Annoying buzzing sound on files

I’ve had this problem since I started using Lingq about four months ago. For most of my files (not all of them) I have this loud, annoying buzzing sound when I am listening to my Mp3 player. It is really annoying and makes me don’t want to listen. I am not having a problem with other files, only the ones that I download from Lingq. Is there something wrong with my Ipod? I took the Ipod back where I bought it, they said that it was nothing wrong with it. I am currently studying Japanese and Portuguese.

Anyways, thank you for this website, it has really made learning easier.

@prebmo12 - sorry about that. It totally depends on how the audio has been recorded. If the audio has a high quality, it should sound great on your mp3 player. In some cases it has some kind of background noise as it’s not easy to record professional audio in home conditions :slight_smile:

If the audio quality is really bad, you may want to contact a lesson’s provider and ask him/her to re-record it.