Anki deck download for single lesson LingQs?

Not sure if I am not finding a feature that is already there but is there a way to download an Anki file of just the LingQs created for a single lesson? I would like to review just the words in a lesson that I just went through as opposed to my entire LingQ library…

I believe you can do it from desktop. On the vocabulary page, you can filter by lesson in the search parameters, and you can also filter further (search by only lingQs with status 1-3, etc.). Next, you can select the lingQs you want to export using the checkboxes, whether individually or using the one in the header that selects them all. Then you can use “more actions” to “export Anki File” (don’t use “export all Lings Anki File”). This option does NOT appear in the menu if you have not first selected in the checkboxes.

Note that this will only select the lingQs on that vocabulary page, which you can set to be up to 200. If you have more than that, you’d need to go page by page or filter down to export in parts.

Not sure if that is what you were looking for. I confirmed this works for the csv export, but have not confirmed with Anki, because I don’t use it.

Ok cool! I will check that out…thanks for the information!

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