Android app

I have the android app installed, but every time I start my tablet, I get this message: “Lamentamos, o Lingq foi interrompido”, which means, We are sorry, Lingq was interrupted. I have tried uninstalling and installing it again, but the problem persists. Any suggestion?

We are looking into this. Sorry about that. I will let you know.

Thanks, Mark. :slight_smile:

I’ve got something similar. On my phone, the app won’t even launch: “Unfortunately, LingQ has stopped.”

I’m running Android Kitkat on a Nexus 5. The problem persists whether I’m online or offline.

Finally, the bug only surfaced with the new update. The old version was working fine.

Me too.

Sorry for the trouble! Would you try installing the latest version, 3.1.5, that was pushed to the store earlier today? This newest release should fix the issue that was in 3.1.4.

Thanks, Alex. The update fixed the issue, I’ve been using without any issues since yesterday.

Everything is fine now! Thanks, Alex, and get better soon!