Android app sort by "new words %"

On the web version of LingQ and on the IPhone version we can now sort lessons by “new words %”. However, in the Android app there is not this option. Please could you add the option to sort by “new words %” in the Android app? I will attach screenshots.
Some courses I use have over 400 lessons and It’s really painful to have to scroll for a very long time to find a lesson with the right amount of new words that I want to open.
I am so desperate for you to add this sort by option, it would make such a massive difference to my experience of using LingQ.

See the web version below with sort by “New words %”

See the android app below, it does not have this option in the drop down:


Let me check with our Android developers if that option will soon be available on the Android app too, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear back.

Just to let you know that sorting by New Words % will be added in the upcoming updates.

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Hi, this is still not available, do you have an expected time frame for when this will be added?

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I don’t, I am afraid. But that feature is in plans and something that will be available soon.