Android app problems

iLingQ 2.3.2
Android 4.1.1
Google Galaxy Nexus

I use the app daily and it accounts for the majority of my study time. Would be great to get some of these problems fixed!

App problems:

The latest version of iLingQ has been crashing quite frequently on my phone.

It also seems to have trouble with network availability, by which I mean, when I move in or out of wireless coverage it has trouble switching between online and offline, and often sits for loooooong time waiting for (nonexistent) network. I find myself going into Settings to kill the app fairly often.

I am also seeing slowness and freezing when using flash cards. Sometimes leading to my phone locking up completely. I think this is due to high CPU usage because my battery app shows iLingQ using a lot of battery - even when I have it sitting idle with the display off - if I have a flash card open.

App usage problems:

Not all LingQs in lessons show up properly. Often words are not lingqued that should be, or partial words are lingqued (I’m using Chinese langauge so one character in a 2 character word may be hilighted, sometimes with the full word definition, sometimes with the definition of just that character.) I frequently end up going to an external dictionary app to look things up.

The rewind button for lesson audio doesn’t seem to work - it sits on “calculating” forever.

The daily LingQ section doesn’t refresh properly when loading the app. It shows up blank when first clicking into it, and remains blank while I presume it downloads the list. You have to back out of it and return for the list to show.

It’s hard to hit the “expand” button on the toolbar at the bottom, it nearly always requires multiple taps to expand or collapse.

I’ve mentioned this before but the “large font” preference doesn’t work. Makes it hard to distinguish complex characters, and to tap the correct LingQ in the text for the definition!

Feature Request

I’d love to be able to collapse spaces in the app like I can on the site.

Android 2.3.6
Samsung Galaxy S

I also have problems with the LingQ app. It crash my phone and I have to reset may phone very often. I updated my Android ROM but the problem is the same.

I agree with you that some lingQs aren’t shown in the app.

@dcbaok and cgayon - Thanks for reporting these issues. I will let our developer know.

Sitting in a lesson with audio paused on my desk with the screen off for an hour, iLingQ for android used 50% of my battery.

@dcbaok - We are working on that issue. Give us a little time.

Just joined the other day and navigating through the system. Am lots on the road and thought I could use this system to learn Japanese, but have problems on my Google Galaxy Nexus. Thought it was my mobile, not able to get any audio at all. Besides its not very user friendly either, having two “screens”. In one. Could you tell me what I could do on my side to improve the connection?

@YVRman - The audio should work on a mobile device, as the player is an HTML5 player. The site isn’t yet intended to be used exclusively on a mobile device, though some users do use the site that way. Instead, the mobile device (with the help of the mobile app) is a supplement to working your way through the site on a computer. A tablet also does work quite well, but the screen size of a smartphone creates some limitations as far as how well things can actually work without totally rewriting the site for mobile devices. If you’re on a mobile device, I would recommend using the minimized view to maximize your view of the lesson text. You can do this by tapping on the (-) sign at the top right of the dashboard when viewing a lesson.

Also, be sure to check out the Android app, which allows you to review your active lessons and your saved LingQs in a much easier format. You can find the app here:

We have just pushed a new version of the Android app 2.3.3 which addresses the following issues:

  • crashes or freezing in lesson view
  • high power usage of the app
  • updating LingQs with special characters
  • languages automatically refresh when the language is changed
  • membership level is checked when app is already opened so membership changes can be instantly recognized

Let us know if you are still encountering these issues.

I tried the app and noticed some issues:

  • Only 3 of my languages are visible and can be selected.
  • Playlists don’t sync with the web, I have to make extra playlists within the app which is quite timeconsuming.
  • Playlists don’t keep playing (after the first track I have to tap the second track to play it, and so on)
  • Tracks are not being played in repetition even if I tap the “loop” symbol
  • On my phone (SGS 2) the app sometimes lacks responsiveness.

I’d love to listen to a playlist or at least a track over and over again (in a loop) without having to tap it, but unfortunately I can’t use the app to do this. It’s nice that I can download the audios and put them on my smartphone manually, but listening to them within the app in this way would be a lot more more comfortable.

Neithertheless it’s great having the app and I certainly will be using it, mainly for reviewing my lingqs on the go :slight_smile: I hope you keep developing it.

@Erbse - Thanks for reporting these issues. I’ve sent these along to our Android developer and we will be looking into them. I’ll let you know if we need any further information from you about any of these issues!

@Erbse - It is also worth pointing out that the playlists on the site and on the app are unrelated. In fact, we had playlists on the app first then recently added them on the site. In future, we would like them to be the same. We will continue working on the app!

I have to correct myself: long-clicking on an track and hitting “open” would play the track and repeat it endlessly. The fact remains though that there is no possibility to play several tracks in a row. Also, syncing the playlist to the site would be a really nice option.
I’m looking forward to your improvements :slight_smile: