Android App not working

Yesterday when I was studying a lesson in LingQ, in sentence mode, the lesson kept jumping back to a sentence many pages back in the lesson, and it lost all updates from that point forward (created lingqs and known words). Updates I had made did not transfer over to my other devices, so the updates were simply lost. This happened multiple times on this device (Samsung Tablet).
I restarted my tablet, no difference. I deleted and redownloaded the app, no difference. The tablet is running the latest software version.
Today when I try to open the app it is stuck on the opening white screen with ‘LingQ’ text. All other apps are working normally, so it’s just the LingQ app with an issue.

My Windows PC and iPhone are working fine, it’s just the Android app on my Samsung tablet.

Any ideas?

Very unusual. I have a Samsung tablet too and have not experienced this issue.

Have you tried clearing the cache to see if it makes any difference ?

Sorry to hear that. Do you still have issues? Can you try reinstalling the app again, then logout/login back and let me know if that helps?