Android app doesn't work, update

Dear LingQ,
The Android app v.4.9.22 doesn’t renew the lessons feed. The latest updates are from 18/01/2022.

Is this a known bug? Is it going to be fixed?

Honestly, I’d appreciate it if you could sometimes break the silence and actually interact with your customers :slight_smile: The app isn’t functional for a whole week, and … nobody cares! Or is it only me?


Hi Sergey,
I don’t know, but I’ve been using the beta app for some time now. I don’t even see a date…or are you just not seeing anything new since 1/18? I don’t pay attention to the what’s new section for the most part so I haven’t noticed anything.

I wonder if maybe they are getting ready to release 5.0 and maybe that is causing some issues for the 4.9 version? Don’t know!

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Yes, you’re right. I don’t see anything new since 1/18. To keep the streak I have to do my reading on a PC. Web version (both v4 and v5) is not adapted for the android chrome browser - so it’s also not an option.

We apologize for this. We are familiar with the problem and that is one of the reasons why we pushed to release the v5 update ASAP.
As mentioned in another thread, today our Android app is being rolled out to Android users. It is a gradual rollout so if you haven’t received the update for Android yet, it should come to you over the next few days.


it also does not update the playlist

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The Android app (v. 4.922) stopped working for me, too. I made the mistake of trying to reinstall it and now it won’t even load any lessons. Hopefully the v. 5 app will be available for Android soon…

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We did released v5 already for Android. Some users already got it, Google is gradually making it available to all users. You should get the update soon too.


Still no update available. It’s been more than two weeks, what’s taking so long?

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I have the same problem with my Android version. Everything is at a standstill for two weeks now. Nothing is working. I continued my lessons on an iOS version, but that is just possibe, because I’m lucky to have access to two smartphones.
I just deleted the Android version on my phone to download it again, but in the Google Play Store they still just show the 4.9.22 version (from Oct 20, 2021).

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Hi Zoran,
Today I got some problems with the Android app, as well and no new version in the play store yet. The problem seems to be the lesson feed of courses I imported (it is loading forever) and which I opened ones in the Chrome browser (new lingq 5.0 version). This does not happen with courses provided by Lingq. Quite strange and maybe just a coincidence, but maybe it helps to understand.

Android app update is available to 50% of users at the moment. It will be available for everyone soon.

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Is it possible to download the APK? :frowning:

Good news! Android app has been released to all users now and you should get it in few hours.

Yes! It’s there! And it’s working just fine.

I’ve finally got the update. Thank you.