Android App - Daily Lingqs - 0 Card

Since around a week ago the Daily Lingqs tab on my android app returns “0 Card” for all dates.

I still get daily lingqs by email so no problem there.

I have tried reinstalling the app and clearing the cache.

Any help appreciated!

Hi Timothee,

We are sorry that the app is not working for you as it should. I have forwarded your message to our developers and I might follow up with you if they have additional questions.

Until then, thanks for your message! We will do our best to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Thanks, it appears to be fixed.

I logged in from my browser, went to account settings and changed ‘daily lingqs’ to 50 from 25. Then refreshed the daily lingqs tab in the android app and my daily lingq cards reappearred.

Así que todo está bien otra vez :wink: